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My reflection of this semesters Intro to Technology for Teachers

When I look back and think about when this semester first started I cannot believe how fast time has went by. I did not think that I would learn much from this class, but my opinion has totally changed. I am leaving this class with new knowledge of the different technologies I can use as a teacher, and how to incorporate them. 

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I did not really enjoy class discussions before I started this class because I thought that they were pointless. In my previous classes I had to do discussions, but they were not so in depth like these are. The discussions for this class helped me learn how to cite all my worth that I do. I learned how to critique fellows classmates work the right way. I also learned how to discuss and answer the question that was given in each discussions. I would say that that I enjoyed having to do the discussions this semester.

The blogs that we had to do really helped me learn/ associate the things I read in the textbook. Usually it is difficult for me to take time to read a whole chapter and really understand what I read. These blogs help me read the chapter piece by piece and write about what I read and learned. I think it is a great idea to have your future classes do blogs on books because it really is a good way to break the text down. I am going to recap one thing that I learned in every chapter.

  • How new technologies create new opportunities for teaching and learning. 
  • How students can express their creativity.
  • How to create lesson plans with technology. 
  • How to integrate technology.
  • How to show students the right way to search the internet. 
Chapter 6:
  • Why/ How social bookmarking, bookmarking, and information alerts are useful to teachers. 
  • How to use computer games and stimulation as learning resources. 
  • How to use websites and/or blogs to improve teaching. 
  • How to create power point presentations for maximum teaching and learning. 
  • How to incorporate technology to create universally designed classrooms. 
Chapter 11:
  • How to use performance based assessments in the class.  

I believe my top 5 assignments of this class are: 
  1. All the Journal Post
  2. Teacher Webpage EPortfolio 
  3. Website Evaluation 
  4. Power Point
  5. Discussion Topic #1

I would not change any of these assignments for the semesters to come. These assignments were my favorite to do out of everything in the class. My two least favorite would have to be the two collaborative projects. I would love group projects if I was physically going to class. I find it a bit difficult to communicate with people on group projects online because everyone has a different schedule. For both the assignments the communication was limited. I would not mind doing them again, but rather not do it in a group project. That is just my opinion

My favorite video of the semester is the one that goes along with web evaluation/ rubric.  I feel like you used the right examples and expl of how to complete this project. 

I can honestly say out of the three classes that I am taking this semester I have learned the most from this class. When I look back I can actually remember what I learned in this class, whereas the other classes I can not. I feel that all the learning outcomes that I read about in the syllabus where achieved in this class. I can also honestly say this is the first class in a while that I will carry on the material with me as a student, and future teacher. 

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  1. Very comprehensive post with some good reflection, too! It sounds like you have built a solid foundational base in which to learn and grow more technology for your future classroom - terrific! :) It is also good to hear that you learned some unexpected things, as I remember that you came in with some tech-savvy - that is always a challenge when you teach any class as your students come from such diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Learning how to collaborate from afar is definitely difficult, but I think you will be impressed with the amount that can be accomplished when it truly is required and there are motivated people involved. The collaborative projects for this class were merely an introduction to what is and will be out there in the 'real world' - but I think you will find the circumstances may be more favorable for true collaboration. I wish you the very best as you pursue additional classes and your own future classroom! :)