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Chapter 8 Communication and Networking with Websites, Blog, Wikis, and More

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Focus Question: How can teachers use a website or blog to improve teaching and learning?

  • Websites and blogs are emerging as one of the most important ways for teachers to communicate with students, families, and colleagues. 
  • There are three basic types of education-related blogs: 
    1. "Official face" blogs
    2. single purpose blogs
    3. active learning blogs 
  • Teachers have three options for creating their own website or blog:
    1. A do it yourself option
    2. A commercially available option
    3. An open source option 
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It is becoming a rare thing that a teacher is not using some sort of technology in their classroom. Teachers are generally building one of two kinds of sites teacher/ classroom websites, and blogs (Maloy, 2010, p. 217). When teachers build websites they are generally using them to highlight who they are and what they have accomplished. It may also show information about your classes, and work students have done (Maloy, 2010, p. 217).  Teachers may put additional work on their websites so that students can use it for more practice. I had a teacher in high school that would put extra credit and fun educational games on the website for students. The educational games that were on her website always refereed back to the material being taught. Also a website could give the students a heads up of the material and lessons that would be taught throughout the year. A teacher’s blog is like their personal web journal that the public can read. Blogs are not only useful for student interaction, but also for fellow educators. Students can comment on posted blogs by teachers who have asked them to answer a question. Students can also read other students comments (Risinger, 2006, April, p.130). It does not matter which sources a teacher end up using because their focus is integrating technology.

Teach tools 8.1: Blogger

Creating a blog is very easy to do, as long as the website is easy to navigate. Blogger is one of my favorite websites to use to create a blog. I have used it a numerous of times in high school for my digital design class. After each project that we did, we had to create a blog to express what we did, and how we felt about it. At first I thought that it was going to be a drag to do this every week. As I became comfortable with the website I learned that it is a great way to express yourself. When someone is creating a blog they can choose between different background styles, font, color text, color highlighting, insert links/ videos, and also add pictures. The creativity of making your own blog is endless. You could write a blog to share with the world, or keep it as your own private journal. After you publish your blog you always have the option to change it to private or public. I would recommend using blogger because it has many features, and is easy to use.          

Summary & Connection: 

The chapter this week has taught me about websites, blogs, email, online discussions, and wikis. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use technology with students. I believe when teachers us different kinds of modern technology they will have a higher success rate in their class. When teachers incorporate something that the students will enjoy, students will pay more attention to their assignments. According to the text book transforming learning with new technology I have come up with a description of everything that I have learned. Websites are Internet sites developed by teachers to communicate information about themselves and their class to students, family members, school, and educational personnel. Blogs are publicly assailable online journals written by individuals; such as, teachers and for others; such as, students, families, and other educators to read and comment on. Emails/ instant messaging are forms of online communication that features short electronic exchanges between individuals, such as between teachers, students, family members, administrative, and educational personnel. Online discussions are electronic forums where teachers and students discuss educational topics. Online discussions are a common component of many teachers’ websites and blogs. Lastly wikis come from the Hawaiian word meaning "quick" or "rapidly", and are websites that teachers and students create together by reading and revising each other's ideas and comments. (Maloy, 2010, p. 208)

I believe this video is a good example of how to create a wiki page. 

This video is like a basic tutorial for blogger. 


Maloy, R. W., Verock-O, R. E., Edwards, S. A., & Woolf, B. P. (2010).Transforming learning with new technologies. Allyn & Bacon.

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  1. Great summary of digital communication tools that can be used in the classroom as a way to stay connected with students, parents, and other teachers! It is good that you have had many experiences with blogging - and, hopefully, all positive ones! Blogs don't work for everything, but the opportunity to write and develop design is huge! :)